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Spring Stand for Hooke’s Law


[Product Description]

All-in-one type spring stand for Hooke’s law experiments

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Designed for students experiments of Hooke’s law.
  • Hooke’s law experiments became more effective and theoretically accurate.


  • Hooke’s law experiments




[To all users]

  • Main body equipped with specially designed measuring scales and hooks solves the inconvenience in the experiment.
  • Weight has an indicator with a reference line that makes measuring length of the spring easier.
  • Possible to compare two different kinds of springs by hanging them on two hooks at the same time.

[To teachers]

  • Because of the “Indicator weight (x2)”, reading/measuring spring extension became easier.
  • Because of the “Springs (x2)” with different spring constant and no initial tension, it is possible to do simultaneous comparative experiments.
  • The “Hooks on an adjustable plate” can be used in combination with springs in your school of various spring constants.
  • The “Sliding markers (x3)” can move independently and freely to compare multiple actual measured values, or compare actual measured value with your prediction (theoretical value).

[To students]

  • No longer need to worry about measuring lengths of linear springs hanged on a retort stand using a ruler.
  • Size 110 × 120 × 495mm
  • Accessories:
    – Two kinds of Spring (spring constants 5.5g/cm and 8g/cm): 2pcs each
    – Weight: 20g x 10pcs
    – Indicator weight: 2pcs
    – Hook: Equipped with two hooks on a plate which can be slide up and down to adjust Zero point.
    – Scale: Read lengths of the springs depending on number of weights from it.
    – Tray: The tray is for accessories during the experiment.
    – Sliding indicator: The sliding indicator can be used several ways based on user’s purpose or purpose of the experiment. For example, let students predict length of the spring with the indicator depending on weights and so on.

Teacher's Resources

  • [MANUAL] in English for this product.


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