Wave Motion

Plastic Spring (Pack of 10pcs)


[Product Description]

Plastic Spring for demonstrating Transversal and Longitudinal Waves

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Easy to demonstrate transversal and longitudinal waves either in the air or on the floor.
  • Experiments on transversal wave shown below are possible:
    (1) Observing “Phase of reflected waves”.
    (2) Measuring “Wave velocity”.
    (3) Investigating relationship between “Wavelength and Frequency of Standing Waves”.
  • Experiments on longitudinal wave shown below are possible:
    (1) Observing Longitudinal Waves (Compressional Waves) and Phase of Reflected Waves at a Fixed End.
    (2) Measuring Velocity of Longitudinal Waves.


  • Wave motion
  • Transversal wave
  • Longitudinal wave



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[To all users]

  • Light and durable enough to carry any kind of wave experimentation, not only on the floor but also in the air compared with conventional metal springs.
  • More unlikely to get entangled compared with conventional metal spring, which ensures accurate experiment.

[To teachers]

  • Possible to do students’ experiment without fear of breaking it due to its affordability.

[To students]

  • Variety of wave experimentations are possible, which helps students better understand characteristic of each wave.
  • Material: Plastics
  • Size: ca.φ17mm (winded dia.) x 500mm, Wire:φ1.5mm

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