Wave Motion

Ripple tank (Ceiling projection type) RT-Y2


【Product Description】

Ripple tank for the observation of basic wave behavior of water in its shallow tank by projection onto the ceiling.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • This ripple tank originaly invented by high school teacher, received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize awarded by Toray Scientific Foundation in 2007. (https://www.toray-sf.or.jp/en/index.html).
  • This device enables a ceiling projection of ripples by placing a stroboscopic light source of a high brightness LED under the water tank.
  • All students in the classroom can observe the behavior of waves at the same time thanks to projection on the ceiling of the classroom.


  • Ripple tank
  • The wave refraction
  • The wave reflection
  • The wave diffraction
  • The wave interference
  • The constructive interference
  • The destructive interference
  • Huygens’ construction
  • Doppler effect




【To all users】

  • Controling indivually two vibrators enables the observation of the constructive interference and destructive interference depending on wave’s phase difference.
  • Doppler effect can be demonstrated by moving circular waves produced by a point spherical ball of the wave source.
  • Huygens’ construction can be demonstrated by multi circular waves produced by a multi spot paddle at the wave source.

【To teachers】

  • This ripple tank enables demonstration of wave properties such as wave refraction, reflection, diffraction, and interference of a plane wave, a circular wave.
  • A long life of stroboscopic light source thanks to a high brightness LED.
  • Oscillator:
    • Frequency 10 – 99 Hz
    • Forward & backward wave functions
    • Stroboscope controlling: On, Off, and Blinking, Blinking interval can be controlled
    • Vibrator can be controlled
  • Oscillating paddles: single spot paddle × 2 pc, double spots paddle x 1 pc, Multi spots paddle x 1 pc, a paddle x 1 pc
  • Stroboscopic light source: High brightness LED
  • Vibrator: 2 units
  • Ripple tank: 400 × 400 × 200 – 300mm
  • Power Supply: DC 9V, 2.6A AC adaptor (not included)
  • Accessories: Items for reflection, refraction, interference and diffraction. Steel stand x 2 pc, cables x 2 pc

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