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Collision Apparatus for Kinetic Energy (with BeeSpi V)


[Product Description]

Collision apparatus for the law of conservation of kinetic energy

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • This apparatus includes a “Horizontal Ball Launcher” and BeeSpi V (S77-1321-W0) for measuring the speed of a launched ball.
  • Kinetic energy change depending on the speed of the ball can be qualitatively obtained by measuring the moving distance of sliding wooden block when getting collision of a horizontal launched ball on the guide rail.


  • Kinetic energy conservation
  • Horizontal motion
  • Collision

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[To all users]

  • The speed of the ball is measured before it crashes into the object (wooden block) because the collision apparatus has a speed measurement unit BeeSpi V.
  • The ball can be launched at any force levels by Horizontal Ball Launcher. After the ball impacts the object, its moving distance measure as a result of the impact.

[To students]

  • It is easy for learners to use the apparatus.
  • Learners can understand kinetic energy conservation based on the speed and the mass of the ball, and the object moving distance through their experiment using this apparatus.
  • [Ball] Material: Metal, Ceramics, Plastic (ca. 25mm)
  • [Size] ca. 1155×80×70mm
  • [Guiding rail] Material: Plastics, Length: ca. 1000mm
  • [Launcher] 3 levels of launch speed
  • [Sliding block] Wooden block: ca. 15×100×40mm
  • [Accessory] BeeSpi V (S77-1321-W0)

Teacher's Resources

  • [EXPERIMENTS] Relationship between ”Collision Apparatus for Kinetic Energy” and the law of conservation of mechanical energy: Narika’s product, Collision Apparatus for Kinetic Energy (C15-2455-W1), is intended to measure the velocity of a ball launched with certain force and the distance of the objective block moved after collision with the ball.


  • [MANUAL] In English for this product.


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