Force & Motion

Weight Impact Test OS-180N


[Product Description]

  • Assembly-type collision apparatus with flexible rail and spheres (entire length: 180cm)

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Suitable for investigating the behavior of a weight (sphere) rolling down the rail (ramp).
  • Available for comparative experiment to investigate the difference in behavior between steel sphere (heavier one) and glass sphere (lighter one).
  • One end of the flexible rail attaches to the stand and the height (where the sphere start rolling down) can be adjusted at 5cm interval between 0cm up to 30cm.


  • Force and Motion
  • Potential Energy & Kinetic Energy
  • Conservation of energy
  • Collision



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[To all users]

  • After being assembled, the entire length of the apparatus is 180cm long enough for measuring the traveling distance of the collided sphere with low friction, as well as, for the smooth traveling from the ramp part to the flat part of the rail.
  • Narika’s “BeeSpi V”, Speed Measurement Light Gate, can be attached over the one fixed end of the flexible rail to measure the speed of the sphere rolling down the rail. (See the description of S77-1321-W0)

[To teachers]

  • Possible to save space in the laboratory because the product is assembly type and the stand is collapsible.

[To students]

  • Ruler on the non-flexible rail enables direct reading of the traveling distance of the wooden block collided by the sphere.
  • Main body:
    ①Height: 385mm x Length: 1800mm x Width: 90mm (after being assembled)
    ②Height: 50mm x Length: 910mm x Width: 90mm (after being collapsed)
    ③Height (where the sphere start rolling down) can be adjusted at 5cm interval between 0cm up to 30cm
  • Weight:
    ①Steel (φ25mm, 67g)
    ②Glass (φ25mm, approx. 18~19g)
  • Non-flexible rail: Plastic (Length: 910mm, 1mm Divisions)
  • Wooden block (Sliding block for collision experiments): 16 x 100 x 40mm, approx. 28g
  • Adapter: To fix a BeeSpi V, Speed Measurement Light Gate (S77-1321-W0)

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