Comparative Free Fall Tubes


【Product Description】

Set of 2 glass tubes for a free fall experiment in atmosphe and vacuum.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • A set of a vacuum glass tube and a glass tube at atmospheric pressure which contain same feathers, metal pieces, and paper pieces.
  • The glass tubes can demonstrate the motion of pieces of feather, paper and metal in free fall under atmospheric pressure and vacuum.


  • Free fall motion of objects
  • Free fall motion of objects in vacuum
  • Free fall motion of objects in the air



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【To all users】

  • These glass tubes containing feathers, papers and metals inside are sealed under the atmospheric and vacuum condition.
  • Hence, the demonstrations of the free fall motion of objects are easliy carried out in a classroom with out any preparation work.
  • Only invert the glass tube to demonstrate the free fall motion of objects to students.

【To teachers】

  • The demonstration of the free fall motion of object is easily and simply shown to students in both states (atmospheric and vacuum) without extra equipment.
  • Atmospheric Tube: 1 pc
  • Vacuum Tube: 1 pc
  • Material : Glass
  • Object samples: 3 kinds (feather, paper, metal)
  • Size: φ40 × 750mm

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