Magnetic Levitation Track MF-B


[Product Description]

New type dynamic apparatus replacing “Air track”

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • World’s 1st dynamics track of “Easy & Quiet operation” without electric power
  • Dynamics experiments are available for;
    – Uniform motion of a sliding body
    – Verification of Momentum-conservation law
    – Simple harmonic oscillation as ‘spring pendulum’


  • Law of conservation of momentum



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[To all users]

  • In comparison with Air Track, Magnetic Levitation Track can provide a better learning environment in a science lab without noise.
  • Magnetic Levitation Track is easy handling to be more lightweight than Air Track.

[To teachers]

  • Sufficient length (2m) of Magnetic Levitation Track makes you do the experiments easily of the law of conservation of momentum.
  • Entire length of sliding bench: 2000mm
  • Sliding Body: x2pcs (100g) (x2pcs repulsion springs mounted)
  • Metal Weights: x6pcs (44g)
  • Accessories: x4pcs spring pendulums, x6pcs repulsion springs, x2pcs  springs for spring pendulum

Teacher's Resources

  • [MANUAL] In English for this product.


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