Sensor Bracket for Dynamic Cart F-2


[Product Description]

This extension part is a sensor bracket for securely mounting acceleration or force sensors on Dynamic Cart F-2, especially Data Harvest or Vernier sensors are verified to mount on the cart.

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • As various types of wireless sensors for dynamics experiments have been developed, it demands the secure mounting of sensors on the dynamics cart. Sensor Bracket solves this demand.
    • Sensor Bracket dedicated to Dynamics Cart F-2 can securely mount and fix an acceleration sensor or a force sensor to it without falling off.
    • A thumb screw of Sensor Bracket serves as a shield for photogate sensors such as the speed measurement device “BeeSpi (Narika S77-1321).”


  • Dynamic Cart F-2
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Force sensor




  • Sensor Bracket: 90×55×50mm, Stainless
  • Thumb screw and Knurled stud nut: 1 pair

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