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Cold cathode crookes tube CT-TR


【Product Description】

Cold cathode crookes tube with deflection plates and a fluorescent screen CR-PH

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • The cold cathode crookes tube with deflection plate and a fluorescent screen can demonstrate that the cathode ray is an electron flow that can be bent by electric field.



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【To all users】

  • The deflection plate consists of a pair of metal plates inside that are built up on each side of the path of cathode ray beam. Voltages can be applied to the deflection plates.
  • Screen coated by a fluorescence is built inside the tube from the cathode side to the anode side. Therefore the cathode ray beam is visible as a glowing line on the screen.
  • The cathode ray beam emits through the slit at the cathode plate toward the anode plate.
  • After a DC power supply is connected with the deflection plates and the product is turned on, the cathode ray beam will bent at the deflection plates depending on the amount of volts in the plates and observation on the fluorescent screen in the tube is possible.

【To teachers】

  • The cathode rays moved from cathode side to anode side are determined as an electron flow because they were bent by charged deflection plates as we could see on the screen.
  • Operating voltage: 5kV
  • Size: φ55 × 215mm
  • Accessory: A plastic pedestal

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