Electricity & Circuit

Terminal Pole (Pack of 10pcs)


[Product Description]

Connector post fixed on a base (Pack of 10pcs)

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Easy to use as a branch point in an electric circuit.
  • Essential accessory when trying to build an electric circuit exactly as shown in a circuit diagram.
  • Stable and easy to handle because of the base.


  • Electric circuit

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[To all users]

  • Pole portion is high (long) enough to connect up to five (5) alligator clips at one time, which leads to the possibility of building various type of electric circuit.

[To teachers]

  • Better storage.
  • Easier equipment management.

[To students]

  • Easily connect with electric circuit in accordance with the circuit diagrams.
  • Easy to compare a diagram (on their textbook) and an actual electric circuit they build based on the diagram.
  • Size: approx. 50 x 50 x 26mm

Teacher's Resources

  • [Promotional material] Product insight


  • [EXPERIMENTS] Ohm’s Law Experiments: It is the purpose of this experiment guide to help learners study Ohm’s law through their experiments. As of the learning outcomes, they will induce the Ohm’s law out by themselves through the experiments in which they draw graphs of the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance.


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