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Heat Comparison Thermometers


[Product Description]

Pair of heat thermometers with wire in different diameter (thickness)

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • LCD thermometer taped on the heating wire makes it easy to visually observe and compare the difference in thermal elevation caused by the difference in wire thickness.


  • Energy conversion
  • Electric current



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[To all users]

  • Easy to understand relationship between energy consumption and diameters of wires with visualized temperature.
  • Easy to understand relationship between amount of electric current and diameter (thickness) of wire by feeling different handle’s resistance (heaviness) caused by different torque if “Gencon” (hand-held DC generator) is used for the power source.
  • In combination with dry cell and meter(s), theoretically accurate result can be obtained.

[To teachers]

  • Portable and versatile enough to combine with any type of electric circuit and/or meters including Narika’s “In-line type Digital Miniature Ammeter/Voltmeter” (A05-7060-W0/A05-7065-W0).

[To students]

  • Easy to assemble with any other meter(s), as well as, a hand-held generator as the power source.
  • Diameter of wires: φ0.2mm, φ0.4mm
  • Length of each wire: 230mm
  • Rated value: 3.0V, 1A
  • Thermometer range: 16-36°C

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