Electromagnetism & Motors

Electromagnetic Force System


[Product Description]

  • Assembling system set for electromagnetic experiments (with a power source: Hand-held DC generator)

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Versatile assembling set for a variety of electromagnetic experiments including:
    ① Experiment of making magnetic field by electric current (Right-handed screw law)
    ② Experiment of magnetic field created by coil
    ③ Experiment of swing by electromagnet (Fleming’s left hand law)
    ④ Experiment of motor (Fleming’s left hand law)


  • Magnetic field generated by electric current
  • Fleming’s left hand law
  • Right-handed screw law



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[To all users]

  • Multiple experiments on electromagnetism are available with one system set.

[To teachers]

  • Affordable product for a variety of electromagnetic experiments.
  • No consumables are needed if Genecon is used for a power source.

[To students]

  • Easy to know how direction of the force (motion) generated by current and magnetic field can be changed by reversing the polarity as the result of changing the direction of turning handle of Genecon DUE.
  • Basement for power supply
  • U-shaped magnet
  • Supporting pillar
  • Disk shaped table for compasses
  • Solenoid coil with plastic box
  • Hook for swing
  • Small compass
  • Swing (single wire type)
  • Swing (coiled wire type)
  • Holder for coil
  • Coil (Motor)
  • Battery (D type)
  • Sandpaper
  • Narika Genecon DUE (–> See the description of B10-2632-W1)

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  • [MANUAL] In English for this product.


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