Magnetic Field Observation Box MB-Y


[Product Description]

  • Transparent plastic container for 3-D magnetic field force lines

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Observation of magnetic field became easier and clearer with the sealed iron powder and silicone oil in plastic container, which has a hole for bar magnet in center.
  • By inserting the bar magnet in the hole, 3-D magnetic force lines will soon appear in the container.
  • In order to observe the magnetic field, take out the bar magnet from the container first and shake the box until the iron powder is dispersed evenly and clearly. Then, return the magnet into the hole in the middle of container. After a while, magnetic force field lines will appear inside as 3-D structure.


  • Magnetic field
  • Magnet




[To all users]

  • Magnetic force lines can be formed clearly because of the “line-like” shape of the iron powders that can be aligned in chains.
  • If another magnet (either of bar-shape or U-shape) other than the one comes with the product is brought close to the container, you can observe how the magnets attract/repulse to each other according to the form change of the iron powders.

[To teachers]

  • Possible to use for a long time without fear of the silicon oil leakage inside the container.
  • Iron powders inside the container has no chance to get rusted.

[To students]

  • Portable enough to make an 360-degree observation of the formed magnetic force lines by putting the container on palm and lifting up to the eye height.
  • Observation box: Plastic bottle (PET)
  • Materials: Silicone oil, liner iron powder
  • Size: 65 x 65 x 105mm
  • Weight: 360g
  • Accessory: Alnico bar magnet (φ9 x 35mm) 1 pcs

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