Electromagnetism & Motors

Coils (6 pcs/Pk)


[Product Description]

Coils for experiments on electromagnetism

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • Provide learners with stable results in the experiments on electromagnets due to the unified quality.
  • Easy to investigate electromagnets due to smoothly connecting with either type of Genecon V3 and Due (hand-held DC generator).


  • Electromagnet
  • Electromagnetism

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[To all users]

  • Observe the difference in electromagnetic force lines depending on potential differences.
  • Possible to obtain sufficient magnetic force if using just one (1) dry cell or either type of Genecon V3 and Due as a power source.

[To teachers]

  • It is easy to experiment without any preparation and confirmation because the coil can be used with any power supplies such as dry cells, DC power supply, and GENECON. However, do not use household electricity.

[To students]

  • When Genecon (hand-held DC generator) connects to the coil, learners feel its torque of handle. When they turn the handle faster, the force of electromagnet becomes stronger.
  • Bobin : Plastics, φ25×30mm, holeφ7mm
  • Coil : Enameled wire (φ0.4mm), 400 winding
  • Core bar : Steel (φ6.5×70mm)
  • 6 pcs in a package

Teacher's Resources

  • [EXPERIMENTS] Electromagnetic Induction: To confirm Faraday’s experiment with electromagnetic induction. By using two coils and iron core connected with Genecon V3 as an electric power source, verification of the current using a Galvanometer.


  • [MANUAL] In English for this product.


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