Electricity & Magnetism

Equipotential Line Demonstrator


【Product Description】

The equipotential lines demonstrator makes a equipotential line with plotting and drawing based on amount of volts measured onto a conductive black paper.

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • Easy to investigate the electric field by drawing equipotential lines using amount of volts measured onto conductive black paper.
  • Equipotential lines are able to be directly drawn by students using their own voltages data onto conductive black paper with this set.


  • Equipotential lines
  • Electric field
  • Electric force




【To all users】

  • Students can directly draw the equipotential lines onto a conductive black paper while they are measuring voltages between two electrodes that are placed on the black paper by themselves.
  • Two types of electrodes are in the set, so that comparison of the difference between them is possible, one is a point electrode, another one is a parallel electrode.

【To teachers】

  • If you use a pencil to draw the lines on the conductive black paper, the lines can be erased by an eraser later.
  • It is safe for students because the current flowing on the black paper is very low due to the high resistance value (15 kΩ) of the paper and the power supply is only DC 9V.

【To students】

  • Students can relaxed and do the experiment without worry due to the fact that they can start again as the conductive black paper can reused with a pencil and an eraser.
  • Measuring board: 1 pc with a battery holder and a magnet sheet, Size: 365 × 280 × 9mm
  • Electrode: Point & Parallel (Line) electrodes: 1 pair with terminals
  • Probes: 2 pcs
  • Conductive black paper: 10 pcs
  • Power supply: 9V dry cell battery 006P (not included)

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