Large leaf electroscope


【Product Description】

Large leaf electroscope for teachers demonstration

【Overall Advantages to Users】

  • This leaf electroscope is designed in large size for teachers demonstration.


  • Static electricity
  • Electrostatic capacity
  • Electrostatic induction
  • Repulsion and attraction of the electron
  • Electroscope
  • Electrostatic charge and discharge



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【To all users】

  • The behavior of big leaves (foils, 150 x 45mm) can demonstrate dynamically several properties of static electricity to students.
  • Its accessories, which have a suitable size for its dynamic demonstration, can assist the teachers demonstration.
  • The electroscope enables to students observe electric charges, discharges, static induction, electric conductor / non-conductor, and observation of a current phenomenon.

【To teachers】

  • Everybody can observe the behavior of the electroscope from anywhere because the all four sides of this large leaves electroscope consists of glass plates.

【To students】

  • Students can confirm directly the basic property of static electricity thanks to teachers demonstration.
  • Body size: 350 × 200 × 295mm
  • Leaf size: 45 × 150mm (Aluminium)
  • Collecting plate: φ100 × 1mm
  • Accessories: Plastic plates (Acrylic resin, PVC resin), Base for plastic plate, Fur cloth, Silk cloth, Metal plate with a rod, Base for metal plate with earth lead, Induction plate (Ebonite), Conductive carbon spheres

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