Electrode (PVC, Glass, Ebonite, and Acrylic resin)

B10-1000 B10-1001 B10-1002 B10-1003

[ Product Description]

These electrode rods are for generating frictional electricity (static electricity).

[ Overall Advantages to Users ]

  • This rod is for generating static electricity and being charged by it by rubbing with a fur or a silk cloth.
  • This rod is for basic experiments of static electricity with leaf- or ball-electroscope and other static electricity products.

B10-1000: PVC Electrode, B10-1001: Glass Electrode, B10-1002: Ebonite Electrode, B10-1003: Acylic Resin Electrode




  • B10-1000 PVC Electrode
    • Material: PVC
    • Size:φ13mm x 240mm
  • B10-1001 Glass Electrode
    • Material: Glass
    • Size:φ12mm x 240mm
  • B10-1002 Ebonite Electrode
    • Material: Ebonite
    • Size:φ12mm x 240mm
  • B10-1003 Acrylic Resin Electrode
    • Material: Acrylic resin
    • Size:φ12mm x 240mm

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