Sound & Resonance

Handy Low-frequency Wave Oscillator


[Product Description]

Compact sound oscillator

[Overall Advantages to Users]

  • This device is a more compact oscillator for a sound experiment than any other popular oscillator, and it can be with you to the classroom.
  • A built-in speaker in the body enables many experiments of sound so easily without external speakers.
  • If an external amplifier and speakers connect to the device, the experimental coverage will gain wider.
  • The device has a function of preset sound frequency to its memory. So you can preset your favorite frequency before the experiment.


  • Low-frequency oscillator
  • Interference of the sound
  • Reflection of the sound
  • The waveform of the sound




[To all users]

  • This oscillator has two outputs. One is for an external speaker or an amplifier. And another one is signal output for the oscilloscope and other instruments.
  • If the oscillator connects to an LED lamp at the external output, the LED lamp will be able to light due to its enough output power (3.6V). And the LED will flash based on the oscillator’s frequency.
  • The oscillator provides a smooth sine-curve of the sound waveform. And it can confirm on an oscilloscope.
  • Oscillating frequency: 5~200 kHz
  • Speaker: 40 Hz to 30 kHz (Maximum wattage: 1 W, with 15 steps)
  • Output: Signal output, speaker output (amplified output), Terminal: 3.5 mm mono jack
  • Feature: Equipped with a built-in small speaker and a frequency memory
    Power source: x3 AA cell batteries or AC adaptor (DC 9 V) (not included)
  • Dimensions and weight: 76x135x27mm, approximately 285g

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