Event Report

NSTA Annual Conference 2019 in St. Louis, USA

It is real pleasure to inform you that our exhibition at NSTA Annual Conference 2019 (National Science Teachers Association) from Thursday 11th April to Saturday 13th April 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, has been successfully concluded.

Many visitors from all parts of United States and other countries showed up at our booth and we were really delighted to hear so many nice words about our products from teachers and our partners. We think that we showed some new and very interesting products from Japan and positive voices from teachers are telling us that we were right in our beliefs. To be specific, Newton Meter, Petit Voltmeter and Ammeter “Crabee”, Static Genecon together with its accessories, BeeSpi V, Genecon DUE and its accessories, Safety Closed Electrolysis Equipment and many others.

Beside our products, we have supported a workshop (New Tools in Electricity & Magnetism) organized and sponsored by Arbor Scientific who is one of our distributors in US. Almost fifty participants showed and enjoyed electricity, static electricity generation and magnetism using many of Narika’s products. We hope that participants had fun and learned something new which they can apply in their classrooms.